How to tie a Four-In-Hand Knot

The Four-In-Hand Knot is small asymmetrical knot for narrow and medium collar openings. The Four-In-Hand is the most common necktie knot and is great as an everyday knot.  Its slightly asymmetrical appearance can sometimes be exaggerated by the print pattern of the tie for both good and bad effect. It has a more casual slightly asymmetrical look, should be paired with a shirt with a narrow neck opening. If the Four-In-Hand doesn’t please your eye try a Half Windsor knot instead. After you master tying this tie give it an extra wrap around the front to make the knot extra fat. Sometimes this can give a great look depending on the material and thickness of the tie and the shirt and suit jacket you are wearing it with. This trick has been used both on the runways of Milan and by those few hip-hop MC’s that wear ties instead of track suits.

How to tie a necktie video

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1. To tie the Four-In-Hand knot, place the tie around your neck with the wide end in your right hand and the narrow end in your let hand.

2. Notice how far above or below the end of the narrow end of the tie is in relation to your belt. This point of reference will be useful later if your tie comes out too long or too short.

3. Cross wide end over the narrow end and turn back underneath and end on the right side.

4. Continue by crossing the wide end around the narrow end to the left.

5. Now come up through the neck loop and down through the loop made by the previous cross at the front of the tie.

6. Tighten carefully and draw up to collar.