How to Tie the Windsor Tie Knot

The Windsor Knot is the Cadillac of tie knots. It is a large symmetrical, triangular knot that looks great for your more formal occasions and shoould only be worn with a shirt that has a wide collar opening. Don't try to cram this baby in a narrow space give it some room to breath and look good.

Want to learn faster and see the steps in action? Watch our large format, easy to follow streaming

1. To tie the Windsor knot, place the tie around your neck with the wide end in your right hand and the narrow end in your let hand.

2. Notice how far above or below the end of the narrow end of the tie is in relation to your belt. This point of reference will be useful later if your tie comes out too long or too short.

3. Take you right hand and cross the wide end of the tie over the narrow end and bring the wide end up through the inside of the neck loop you just formed.

4. Bring the wide end down to the left, around and behind the narrow end, ending on your right.

5. Then bring the wide end over and down through the neck loop and pull it out to your left side.

6. Next cross the wide side in front of the tie and to the right.

7. Now come up through the neck loop and down through the loop made by the previous cross at the front of the tie.

8. Then tighten the knot, draw up to the collar and straighten.