Help your ties last a lifetime.

Proper care is essential to making sure that your remains in good condition. The most important step you can take is to untie your tie rather than just pulling the slim end out of the knot, doing this will stretch the fibers of the tie resulting in tie that will eventually not hang properly, wear out faster and leave deeper wrinkles. After removing the tie, hang it in your closet and minor creases should flatten out under the pull of its own weight. Gently rolling the tie up and leaving it overnight before hanging it can remove more severe creases. Knitted and crocheted ties are intended to be stored flat in a drawer or rolled up, but never hung.

A professional dry-cleaner will be your best bet for saving ties that have been stained by food. Chances are good that the dry-cleaner may remove the stain but also damage the tie in the process. The shine on a silk tie is often a casualty of the dry-cleaning process. Knowing that upfront, ask you dry-cleaner how they will remove the stain. Will they do it by hand, place it in a protective laundry bag or just toss it in with everything else. The care they put into cleaning your tie will be a good indication of the likelihood of success.

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