Guide to Necktie Knots. Detailed descriptions on how to tie the Half Windsor Knot, Windsor Knot, Four-in-Hand Knot, Pratt Knot and Bow Tie knots.

The four most common tie knots are the Half Windsor knot, the Windsor knot, the Four-in-Hand knot, and the Pratt knot. We strongly recommend that you learn how to tie these four tie knots. Doing so will enable you to appreciate their differences and allow you to choose which one is most appropriate to wear with your selected attire. Each tie knot has its own particular place in your repertoire. When you have learned how to tie and how to wear these four tie knots it will be obvious to you who doesn’t. Learn quickly and easily by utilizing our easy to follow video instruction.

The width of the shirt collar, the width of the lapels on the suit and the thickness of the tie material should inform the knot you choose. A suit jacket with wide lapels (collar) should be matched with a shirt that has a wide opening and in turn the tie should use a full knot like the Windsor knot. A jacket with narrow lapels, think Reservoir Dogs or 80’s New Wave, should be worn with a narrow opening shirt collar and a narrow tie such as the four-in-hand.

Narrow collar opening = narrow tie knot
Wide collar opening = wide tie knot

Half Windsor knot is a smaller and simpler version of the Windsor knot as the name implies. It looks good with regular and wide shirt collars depending on the thickness of the tie it is a medium sized knot it is a symmetrical knot.

The Windsor knot a classic big formal symmetrical knot. The Windsor knot is the Cadillac of the tie world. Don’t try to stuff this in a narrow opening, the Windsor knot needs a wide collar opening.

Four-in-Hand knot a simple slim tie that leaves extra tie length, good for tall guys. It has a more casual slightly asymmetrical look, should be paired with a shirt with a narrow neck opening.

Pratt knot is a simple symmetrical tie that uses less length to tie than either of the Windsor knots and therefore is great for shorter ties or taller men. It is distinct additionally for starting 'reverse-side-out' when you place it around your neck to tie it. The Pratt knot produces a medium sized symmetrical knot.

Half Windsor Knot

Windsor Knot

Four-in-Hand Knot

Pratt Knot

Bow Tie

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