Tie Accessories, what they are and how to use them

Necktie accessories, like the tie itself, are primarily decorative for the well-dressed man, but quite necessary for others. Tie accessories help keep the tie in place by restricting its movement. If one works in a profession, such as teaching salsa dancing, where having a tie flying around would be a nuisance, then tie accessories are the solution. Imagine a waiter without a way to keep his tie out of your soup.

For those who wear tie accessories primarily for their decorative quality, tie accessories can display the insignia of various groups or affiliations, hold a precious gem or decorative pattern. In general the wearing of tie accessories as ornament rises and falls with fashion trends and have as of late been largely absent on fashion runway aisles, but may be poised for a comeback at anytime. That said, lets jump into an explanation the most common tie accessories. Necktie accessories include the tie clip, tie chain, tie strap and tie tack. A mention is also given to the collar stay an often overlooked but crucial device for wrangling a wayward shirt collar.

Tie Clip, Tie Slide, Tie Bar
how to tie a tie clip

The tie clip, tie slide or tie bar originated from slightly different designs, but are now of the same design and most commonly referred to as a “tie clip”. The tie clip restrains your tie by simply clipping your tie to your shirt. As you can see from the image, the tie clip has a decorative face that is displayed on the front of the tie and a hidden clip that fastens the tie to the shirt. Tie clips come in many different shapes and materials, often incorporating decorative design, logos or insignia.


Tie Strap or Tie Down
how to tie a tie strapThe tie strap or tie down is a simple device made of leather or plastic that connects your tie to your shirt by bridging the gap between two shirt buttons and looping through the tie label in the process. This how to is accomplished by pushing the top button through the button hole on the tie strap, then threading the tie strap through the horizontal tie label on the back of the tie and then putting the lower button through the remaining button hole in the tie strap. A tie strap provides and efficient way or restricting the movement of your tie while remaining out-of-site and additionally allows for more vertical movement of the tie than a tie clip.

Tie Chain
how to tie a tie chainThe tie chain works by clipping to the shirt or attaching to a shirt button and then a loose chain wraps around the front of the tie. The tie chain offers more freedom of movement for the tie and a different look than the tie clip. Tie chains are made of metal with finer ones being made of silver or gold.




Tie Tack
how to tie a tie tackTie tack’s consist of a part that anchors to the shirt and a decorative pin that is worn on the front of the tie. The tie tack in pushed through the tie and inserted into the back of the pin clasp. The small bar attached to the chain is then inserted through a buttonhole of the shirt. It is often helpful to place the bar through the buttonhole first and then select an appropriate point to push the tiepin through the tie. As with tie clips, tie tacks often feature decorative designs, logos, insignia or even jewels.


Collar Stay
how to tie a tie collar stayThe collar stay is a thin fingernail file shaped piece of plastic or metal that is inserted into a narrow pocket located under the point of each collar tip (here it is shown resting on the collar for demonstration purposes only). Collar stays are routinely removed when clothes are laundered and reinserted prior to wearing. It is easy to spot someone who has forgotten to replace their collar stays, as their collar will be curled under and appear sloppy.


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